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Hovering over any orange restaurant expands the view part way, and clicking it displays the complete text (then you need to use your "back" button to get back to the whole list.)  Depending on your screen size it may not be apparent that this is working, try filtering the list to a smaller size (like just the "c's" first.) These restaurants are also numbered and placed on an area map which can be found under the first item.  A downloadable map and text version of this list may be found under "Forms, Flyers, Details".  The numbering is completely arbitrary and does not constitute a ranking or endorsement by STDS.  In fact, I love some of these while others detest them, and vice-versa.  If we include a "lunch safari" activity under the event, you can sign-up before 11:00 AM on Saturday and we will make reservations for your party for the Saturday lunch break.  The links to Google Maps are sometimes not the actual business address of the restaurant, but rather one that gives a more accurate "street view" of the establishment.  Either the actual address or the edited ones should be sufficient for your GPS - but beware, the photos in Google aren't always up-to-date.  Also, our event locale is heavy with ethnic restaurants and our dancers seem to prefer them.

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Kamp's 1910 Cafe (American) $ Key #?


Suggested by Merlaine Anderson:

10 NE 10th, 230-1910 - about 1.74 miles and 6 minutes from our event locale

The Kamp family started their grocery business in Oklahoma City in 1910, and this cafe is decorated with many historical photographs.

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Kaiser's American Bistro (American) $ Key#?


Suggested by Kevin Barrett:

1039 N Walker Avenue, 232-7632 - about 1.22 miles and 4 minutes from our event locale

Small, diner-type place, good quality - call ahead for a table

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